Woods & Stains

**Due to variations in wood grain or lighting these images are a representation of what the
stain/finish could look like.  Please visit one of our 
locations to view these in person. 

Wood Care

If cared for properly your solid hardwood furniture can give you a lifetime of service and beauty.



Here are several care tips that will enhance your solid hardwood investment:

  • Place your furniture away from radiators, fireplaces and heating ducts.
  • Position furniture out of direct sunlight or adjust blinds to avoid hour after hour of direct exposure.
  • Control humidity to 40% - 45%.  In winter use a humidifier, in summer use a dehumidifier or air conditioner.
  • Use padding under all sharp, hot, or cold objects.  Use coasters with non-scratching bottoms.
  • Avoid using nail polish remover, alcohol, and other solvents near or on furniture. 

Routine Cleaning

DUST CAREFULLY with a damp soft microfiber cloth, following the grain pattern of the wood. 

DUST OFTEN to remove everyday abrasive particles from wood surfaces. 

CONSIDER CLEANING with a mild non-alkaline soap and water.  Use the suds in a damp sponge or cloth, but be sure to pre-test the solution on an out-of-sight section to make sure it doesn't damage the finish.  Dry immediately with a micro fiber cloth and buff lightly, following the grain. 

DON'T WAX or use any polish that contains any silicones!  Catalyzed heat and moisture resistant finishes don't need additional polish.  If you want to use a polish, we recommend using Milsek Furniture Polish and Cleaner, which is sold at E&G Amish Furniture.