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E&G Amish Furniture offers over 20 Ohio Certified Standard (OCS) stains in 6 species of wood.

Each wood effects the stain differently, due to the density and grain pattern that is distinctive to the species of wood.

Below, you will find descriptions and photos of each wood with a variety of different stains available. Click on the button to view your wood choice and all the stains we carry. Keep in mind that E&G Amish Furniture can create custom stains to match existing pieces or the style of your home.

Wine Glass
Coffee Cup

Every piece made with E&G Amish Furniture is coated with a Catalyzed Varnish to protect the furniture. This catalyzed varnish will protect your new Amish furniture from 150° F and 24 hours of water damage, such as a water ring left from a glass. This varnish is applied to every piece from dining to occasional furniture, and creates a glossy finish, which can be changed to high gloss or matte, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Oak OCS-103-MX
OCS-103-MX / Oak
Oak OCS-110-Medium
OCS-110-Medium / Oak
Oak OCS-113-Michaels
OCS-113-Michaels / Oak
Oak OCS-226-Coffee
OCS-226-Coffee / Oak
Oak OCS-227-Rich Cherry
OCS-227-Rich Cherry / Oak
Oak OCS-230-Onyx
OCS-230-Onyx / Oak

Red Oak

Red Oak wood has a slight red undertone, and wide grain pattern that is striped with dark and light tones. The stain penetrates the grain deeper in the open wood, and creates a beautiful contrast on every surface.
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Quarter Sawn White Oak is a denser wood with white undertones and tiger striping, that produces a beautiful, even stain. The grain is interrupted with striping caused by cutting the wood at a quarter of an angle, creating small sections of clear wood with little grain within the larger sections of grain. Click the button below to view all stain options!

QSWO OCS-110-Medium
OCS-110-Medium / QSWO
QSWO OCS-113-Michaels
OCS-113-Michaels / QSWO
QSWO OCS-226-Coffee
OCS-226-Coffee / QSWO
QSWO OCS-227-Rich Cherry
OCS-227-Rich Cherry / QSWO
QSWO OCS-230-Onyx
OCS-230-Onyx / QSWO
OCS-103-MX / Brown Maple
BM OCS-110-Medium
OCS-110-Medium / Brown Maple
BM OCS-113-Michaels
OCS-113-Michaels / Brown Maple
BM OCS-226-Coffee
OCS-226-Coffee / Brown Maple
BM OCS-227-Rich Cherry
OCS-227-Rich Cherry / Brown Maple
BM OCS-230-Onyx
OCS-230-Onyx / Brown Maple

Brown Maple

Brown Maple grain is blurred and smooth to the touch, resulting in a very clean and polished appearance when stained. The wood itself has soft density, causing the stain to have variation throughout the piece, with light and dark sections appearing within the same plank.
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Cherry grain is smooth to the touch, combined with soft swirls and marbling throughout, results in a beautiful stain. The soft wood has a slight variation, which results in a small changes in light to dark, in an overall even stain. The wood itself has a red undertone, giving the stain applied a slight red hue.
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Cherry OCS-103-MX
OCS-103-MX / Cherry
Cherry OCS-110-Medium
OCS-110-Medium / Cherry
Cherry OCS-113-Michaels
OCS-113-Michaels / Cherry
Cherry OCS-226-Coffee
OCS-226-Cherry / Cherry
Cherry OCS-227-Rich Cherry
OCS-227-Rich Cherry / Cherry
Cherry OCS-230-Onyx
OCS-230-Onyx / Cherry
Hickory OCS-103-MX
OCS-103-MX / Hickory
Hickory OCS-110-Medium
OCS-110-Medium / Hickory
Hickory OCS-113-Michaels
OCS-113-Michaels / Hickory
Hickory OCS-226-Coffee
OCS-226-Coffee / Hickory
Hickory OCS-227-Rich Cherry
OCS-227-Rich Cherry / Hickory
Hickory OCS-230-Onyx
OCS-230-Onyx / Hickory


Hickory grain is very small and tight, and very dense, creating a lighter stain application. The grain is dense and close, resulting in a modern and clean appearance. The close grain and hard wood produce a beautiful, even stain with very little variation throughout the piece.
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Elm wood grain is very small and has a beautiful grain pattern referred to as “feathering.” The wood is soft, and the grain pattern is repetitive and small, giving the piece and elegant feel. The feathering in the grain gives the stain even tones, with small scatterings of light and dark.
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Elm OCS-103-MX
OCS-103-MX / Elm
Elm OCS-110-Medium
Elm OCS-113-Michaels
Elm OCS-226-Coffee
OCS-226-Coffee / Elm
Elm OCS-227-Rich Cherry
OCS-227-Rich Cherry / Elm
Elm OCS-230-Onyx
OCS-30-Onyx / Elm

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