Splash into Spring with Paint

As Winter turns into Spring, many people start to think about Spring cleaning, planting gardens, and making much needed home repairs and refreshes.  Changing the paint colors in your home is a great and relatively inexpensive way to update and refresh your home!  Whether it is a bright and dynamic accent wall, or repainting the trim in your home, sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint to make your home look brand new again!  Below you will find 4 ways to freshen up your home this Spring with paint!

Pantone Color of the Year – FCTEST 

This year that color is “Greenery”!  Bring the beauty of outside inside your home!  Bright and bold greens are in this year and really help to wake up a room.  This color, while still sophisticated, is also really fun!  I would use this color is an entry way or sun room and I feel it works better as an accent wall or in a small space rather than in a large living room or family room.  Not sure what colors to pair with green? Some of my favorite color combinations are raspberry, gold, and chocolate brown as well as mustard, cream, and slate blue.

Whites and Gray 

This one may not be for everyone, but I have found that shades of white and gray create bright and inviting rooms.  The neutral colors allow you to add a pop of bright colors in your decor without having to plan an entire room around the wall colors.  The whites and gray create clean lines and reflect light instead of absorb light.  This makes an already bright room with lots of windows even brighter!  On the flip side if you have a small room with one window, white walls will create the illusion of light making a dark room bright!  With this color scheme, stick to lighter gray shades and brilliant whites.  Steer clear of dark gray shades and off white or ivory whites.  Ivory whites can appear dingy and outdated and the darker you go with gray, the more it will absorb light and make your rooms look darker.


Another awesome trend that really updates and livens up a room is creating a pattern on the wall.  Things like stripes, chevron, trellis, two tone, and geometric patterns can really make a room pop!  In this situation, it is a go BIG or go HOME!  The larger the pattern the better in my opinion.  This is also a great time to play with contrasting colors.  Some color combinations I like include pale pink and navy blue, sky blue and gray, and magenta and teal!  BEWARE!  This is not going to be easy or fast.  Creating patterns on a wall require patience and an attention to detail.  The eye will catch every imperfection in the pattern so going slow to make sure it is done correctly is advised.  It will be well worth it in the end!

Why Stop at the Walls?

It is not just the walls of our home that could use updating as the years pass on.  Cabinets, trim and ceilings can become drab and outdated as well.  My husband and I are obsessed with white crisp kitchens!  Taking those brown and boring cabinets and painting them a pure white will brighten up any kitchen!  Same thing for trim, doors, and door jams.  If you live in an older home, you may have cream or ivory trim.  Taking the time and spending the money to paint them a brilliant white will make a HUGE difference in the way your home looks.  Ceilings are often a neglected aspect in our home design.  Taking the time to paint your ceiling with a pattern or eye catching or contrasting color from the walls will draw the eye up making your room appear larger and lofty.

However, you choose to use paint in your home remember one thing, HAVE FUN!  Our homes should reflect who we are and our personalities so if you love purple and want to have an eggplant kitchen, then go for it!  Paint is not permanent and can be changed with relative ease.  My advice is to go slow and use that painters tape!  My father, while it was super annoying at the time, would always make us go painstakingly slow when it came to painting a room.  In the end, however, that room looked professionally painted with little to no mistakes.  This is a case where the slower you go the better.  Otherwise, your eye will always go to that one messy spot in the corner!  Go bold and be brave!  Spring is a time for rebirth and growth so do not be afraid of trying something new.

Happy Spring Y’all!