Room Transformations and the Seasons of Life

I love Spring!  I love watching everything literally BLOOM around me!

Grass goes from brown to vibrant green, bluebonnets are sprouting up everywhere, and the weather goes from cool to a comfortable warm!  The world is literally transforming around us as the seasons change from winter to spring.  This is also the time of year where people start to do spring cleaning, garden planting, and much needed home repair and updating.  In my last blog, I touched on this subject in regards to paint and how that can completely change or update a room.  Just like the changing seasons of the year, we too, go through seasons of life and springtime is a perfect to transform our spaces as we make those transitions.  You could be transitioning a nursery into a big kid room, a play room into a dining room, or a bedroom into the perfect office space.  I want to focus on these three specific transitions and share with you some perfect pieces in our stores now that would be great additions to your home!  This also coincides perfectly with E&G Amish Furniture’s First Annual Spring Clearance Sale!  So, not only will you be getting amazing furniture, but you will also be getting them for an amazing price!

Baby to Big Kid

My husband and I have a beautiful two and a half year old girl and we are coming up on this season of life all too quickly.  We just transitioned her to a toddler bed and will be looking at more permanent bedroom room furniture for her sooner than we both would like.  I remember when I went from a day bed to a queen bed while in middle school and something my mother said to me as we were shopping for a bedroom set has stuck with me to this day.  She told me, “choose your furniture wisely because we are not buying you another bed.”  At the time I was not really into the “grown up” style furniture, but I am really glad they made me choose something that I could grow into and was a piece of furniture I would have for many many years.  So, my advice is the same.  When transitioning from baby to big kid, select furniture they can grow into for years and years.  You can adjust style with bedding and room decor but a good solid bedroom set will last them well into their college years and after.

E&G Amish Furniture has some beautiful bedroom sets available in all styles and stains but I absolutely LOVE the Ouray Bedroom Series, at the Friendswood location, that is a part of our Spring Clearance Sale! This set comes with 1 – Queen Bed, 2- Three Drawer Nightstands, 1- Nine Drawer Dresser, and 1- Dresser Mirror.  The style of this set can work great for both a boy and a girl and has a beautiful asbury stain.  Made of Rustic Hickory, means this bedroom set is incredibly durable and will withstand growing right along side your kids and continue to look gorgeous for years to come.  And at 25% off, it is an opportunity you can not afford to miss!

Ouray Amish Bedroom, Solid Wood, Amish

Play Room  to a Dining Room 

When you are a family with young kids, you tend to sacrifice “adult space” for your kids stuff.  Many people will use their dining room space in their home not for a beautiful table and chairs used for more formal dining, but for storing all those kids toys and games and a place for your kids to play out of view of the family room.  As kids grow, their toys diminish and become more manageable in their rooms.  So, after you have a profitable yard sale, getting rid of all those noisy, brightly colored toys, it is time to design a beautiful dining room for your family to enjoy all year round!  Choosing a dining room table and chairs all depends on your own personal style.  Are you more of a rustic farmhouse table?  Or maybe a classical country style?  Or more modern?  Large dramatic legs or thin?  Dark stain, classic brown, or more modern gray?  SO MANY OPTIONS!  And E&G Amish Furniture can certainly help you create a custom piece that suits every style and functional need.  Creating a custom piece; however, can come at a high cost and for my bargain hunters out there, the Spring Clearance Sale has some beautiful options for dining room tables at a much more affordable cost!  My favorite?  The Brockton Trestle at our SugarLand location!  This table is GORGEOUS!  At 42”W x 84”L it will fit in any dining room space.  The solid top is made of a beautiful Brown Maple and stained in a warm coffee stain.  The chairs are a high back with onyx stained legs and a light, off-white fabric.  The style of this table is both contemporary and elegant.  I also love that this table will compliment any decor and can grow and blend seamlessly as your style may change throughout the years.  In fact, you better hurry and go get this table before I take it home for myself!!!

Bedroom into an Office Space/Entertainment Space

I am the baby of my family.  So, when I went away to college, my parents entered that season of life where they no longer had children living at home for the majority of the year.  Now, my parents, left my room alone until I officially moved out and in with my now husband, but many parents will take that bedroom and turn it into a functional space for them and their changing needs as empty nesters.  One popular option is to change that space into an office space.  Maybe you are close to retirement and spending time working from home more often then going in the office?  Or maybe you have started a small business and really need a great space to stay organized and a quiet space to work and speak with clients?  E&G Amish Furniture has the perfect piece that will meet your needs whatever they may entail!  Right now there is a powerful and dramatic office set that is a part of our Spring Clearance Sale that would be perfect for this type of transition.  The Paris Executive Desk, Credenza, and Hutch, at our Friendswood location, is a statement piece for any office.  In a gorgeous cherry wood and asbury stain it is not only a place where serious work can take place, but also a beautiful piece of furniture.  Maybe you are not interested in an office space and would much rather have a media room or entertainment space?  In that case, you are going to want to check out the Lincoln Wall Unit at our SugarLand location!  This unit has a 58” wide TV opening, made from Oak/QSWO, and stained in both a contemporary london fog and traditional light asbury stain.  This piece also features shelving and storage which are great for displaying decor and hiding those unsightly DVDs or electronics.  Both of these pieces are a part of our Spring Clearance Sale, would be excellent additions to any home, and are available at fantastic prices!

Even if you are not in any of these seasons of life, there are plenty of amazing pieces for sale as part of our Spring Clearance Sale that will fit any home and any budget!  Make sure you get to either our Sugar Land or Friendswood location soon though as this sale will last from now until the end of April!  And with prices like these, the best deals will not last long!  We have all our sale items listed with prices on our website under the Spring Clearance tab if you would like to browse our sale items before coming into one of our stores.  Also, keep in mind that ANY purchase over $1000 will receive FREE White Glove Home Delivery!

So stop in to one of our locations today and let our amazing sales staff help you pick out the perfect clearance piece for your home or assist you in creating a custom piece of your own!  Get out in this gorgeous Spring weather and come see us at E&G Amish Furniture!