Is all your furniture really built by the Amish? 

Yes, We use over 100 Amish Builders from Ohio and Indiana. Each builder will specialize their craftsmanship, making Chairs, Dining Tables, Bedroom set or Office Furniture.

Is all your furniture made from Real Wood?

Our Amish Builders use nothing but the Best Solid Woods. Offering many woods such as; Oak, Brown Maple, Hard Maple, Cherry, 1/4 Sawn White Oak, Hickory, Elm and many other Rustic Woods. Absolutely NO Laminates, No Particle Board and NO Imitations. Come out and see for yourself.

What type of finishes do you use? 

We use a Catalyzed Varnish for all of our Amish furniture. This is a 3 part step that is sprayed on each piece inside and out. This varnish will catalyze and build a durable barrier for your furniture to look great for many years to come. This finish is so durable it is guaranteed to withstand a glass of water for 24hours and a boiling pot of hot water placed directly on the furniture.

How do I care for and clean my furniture? 

We highly recommend dusting and cleaning your furniture with a damp microfiber cloth and using just soap and water for everyday cleaning.( be sure to dust in the direction of the grain ) When you feel your new Amish furniture needs a nice polish, we recommend MILSEK, its a furniture polish and cleaner that is made in Ohio and is highly recommended by the Amish. We sell MILSEK at both locations. Please stay away from furniture polishes that are silicone base , as they will leave a film over time and please do not use any aerosol products, as these will eat away at the natural finish over time. Also remember to Keep your Amish Furniture out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Direct sunlight is the most natural element that destroys Amish furniture finishes. Paste wax and polishes DO NOT block the penetration of sunlight on the Amish furniture. Maintain your home's humidity in the 40% to 50% range to prevent warping and cracking. Use coasters, hot pads, and try to protect the finish from physical abuse.

What is the Process of Ordering Furniture? 

E & G Amish Furniture is family owned and family operated company. When you come into one of our store, you will be greeted by family. We will walk you through the process of selecting the type of wood that works best for you, also a stain color and any other options available by the builder. Once all items are selected we will type up an official quote for you, go over all items, prices and options. After you have confirmed that all information is correct on the order sheet, we will then talk about payment options. We only ask for 25% deposit to place any order. Remaining balances of the purchase are due upon delivery. We love getting to know our customers, so when you leave we want to know that all your questions and concerns are answered. We look forward to meeting you very soon. 

Do you Require full payment or a Deposit to Order?

Items that are purchased directly from the showroom floor are paid in full at time of purchase. All custom orders only require a 25% deposit to begin the build process.

Do you repair or Refinish Furniture? 

No - We only build new solid wood furniture made by the Amish.

Is there a Delivery Charge? 

We provide a full white glove delivery and set for every piece of Furniture we sell. For purchases over $ 1000.00 within the Houston city limits, DELIVERY IS FREE. Anything below $1000.00, we offer a small rate for delivery. We also provide delivery to surrounding cities outside of Houston for an hourly rate. Please call for more information. 

What Woods do you offer? 

We offer over 10 different solid wood options. Oak - 1/4 Sawn White Oak - Brown Maple - Hard Maple - Cherry - Rustic Cherry - Hickory - Rustic Hickory - Elm - Walnut - Rustic 1/4 Sawn Oak and many more.

How many stain color options do you offer? 

We offer over 20 different OCS Stain Colors. OCS = Ohio Certified Stain color. We use only one finish shop in Ohio to guarantee the perfect color every time, especially when ordering a table from one builder and your chairs from another. We also offer a stain matching process. So bring in your older piece of furniture and lets make the perfect color to match ( There is an additional fee for stain matching ) 

Can you custom match a stain color? 

We offer a stain matching process. So bring in your older piece of furniture and lets make the perfect color to match ( There is an additional fee for stain matching ) 

How long does it take for my furniture to be built and delivered? 

Once you have selected you items, chosen your wood and stain color, we will fax the builder your order. The entire process from start to finish will take a lead time of 10 - 12 weeks to build. If an item is completely custom ,we expect lead time from 14 - 16 weeks to build.

What type of Guarantee do you offer for the furniture? 

We offer a lifetime Structural Guarantee for all of our furniture. There are exceptions with upholstered furniture and reclining mechanisms.