These fabrics represent a small sample of the collections available with E&G Amish Furniture. Each fabric brand has its own cleaning suggestions and warranty, which can be provided by our associates! Reach out to us through our Contact Us page!

These fabric options are available for all Levi's Lawn Furniture as cushions that will last even in the Texas heat. They are made with marine grade material that will not fade or ruin out in the elements. View how to care and clean these fabrics by clicking on the button.

Heartland fabrics carries a large variety of different fabric types, with multiple colors, threads, and patterns. These standard fabrics for Heartland are a blend of polyester and cotton, with easy cleaning care and soft to the touch. View more colors, how to care for, and clean these fabrics by clicking on the button.

Soft, durable and stain-resistant, Crypton fabric is available in a wide array of textures and vibrant colors. And Crypton’s breakthrough protection is woven into every fiber so it won’t ever wear away. Safe from red wine and sticky fingers, this fabric is our go to for every customer. View cleaning and care, along with other color options by clicking on the button.

Relvoution Performance

Revolution Performance is a lot like Crypton, but with polypropylene fabric is a nonwoven textile. It is made without any need for spinning of weaving, which the main benefit of polypropylene is its moisture transfer abilities, so the material does not absorb any moisture. Available in a wide range of colors and textiles, view cleaning care and more options by clicking the button.

Ultra Leather

Ultraleather is a premium portfolio of polyurethane (performance) fabrics, is ideally suited for home settings that require the look and feel of leather, but need a more durable and practical alternative. PVC free and designed for longevity, Ultraleather is ideal for a variety of uses including high wear applications, while offering a soft and supple feel. See more options and cleaning care by clicking the button.

Made of 100% real leather, these leather options are durable and flexible to the touch. After tanning, dying and oiling, the leather is soft to the touch and adds a luxurious feel to any upholstered Amish furniture. See the whole collection of leather options by clicking the button.

Faux Leather

Coated with a polyurethane and made with a leather backing, the faux leathers are available in a variety color options and patterns. This animal-friendly option has a similar look and feel to genuine leather, while being much more affordable. Faux leather is made from a machine, which ensures that the fabric has an even, consistent color throughout. It can also be dyed into many different colors, and is usually fade resistant.